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Tent America 2020 is a 100 – day procession beginning June 20th, and ending September 20th. We believe this is happening and it is part of God’s rescue mission to a generation. Since most campuses are not in session during the summer, September is designated as “campus month” regardless of which region you live in.  We encourage students to register your campus for as many 24-Hour segments as you desire to do from September 1st through September 28th.  

God is breathing on this moment in a special way and we are witnessing the first rumblings of a great awakening in our nation. We believe that God is raising up his student leaders on every university campus across this nation. What started in 2018, on 101 campuses, is multiplying in the coming years to hundreds and even thousands of Universities.  Truly, this is an hour for the worth of Jesus to go viral.



Covid-19 has cancelled a lot, but Tent America 2020 is still on! We believe that the Lord has big plans for this ONE HUNDRED DAY procession of worship & prayer (June 20-Sep 27), and we want to invite you all to join us! In order to accommodate regions where public tent gatherings cannot happen this year, we are allowing participation from homes, churches, and other locations. This means that Tent America is more accessible to you than ever before! Whether in tents, living rooms with our families, in church buildings, or virtually online, we will be praying. We want to hear your voice worshiping, praying, and proclaiming the good news during this important time.


Testimonies from Tent America 2018

Last year we had 101 campuses participate in Tent America. God moved powerfully and lives were changed! There were reports of healings, salvations, increased unity, and powerful personal experiences with Jesus. On one campus, a group of Muslim students came to a tent, with tears in their eyes, because they heard a “sweet sound.” Truly tents of worship and prayer can change history!

Tent America at GCU was awesome. I have never been in a worship setting where it felt so unified and the Spirit’s presence was so evident.

Grand Canyon University

We saw the Lord move powerfully, as UT (University of Texas at Austin) Alumni and people from around the city and state who weren’t students joined in worship and prayer praying for the campus. We got to minister to some Muslim Students who were wondering what was going on.

Clinton Scroggins
University of Texas at Austin

During the prayer times the Lord really (brought) people into unity in prayer. The (students) on campus are hungry and wanting to see a move of God.

Grand Canyon University


The first and second great awakenings both find their roots on college campuses. In the 18th century 2 brothers named John & Charles Wesley, along with other fellow students began gathering on their campus of Oxford University in England in groups they called Holy Clubs. God moved powerfully and soon John Wesley met a man named George Whitefield, who taught him how to open air preach in the middle of fields. God used Whitefield and Wesley to set the Western World on fire. George Whitefield focused his attention on preaching in America and John Wesley in England. As they preached in open fields, thousands gathered. Hearts were stirred and the First Great Awakening was birthed! John Wesley went on to start the Methodist movement, which was the most fervent and effective church planting and missions movement of its day.

In 1806, a man named Samuel J. Mills and four other students from Williams College began to pray for the Lord to visit their university. Many historians attribute this little campus prayer gathering, affectionately known as the “Haystack Prayer Meeting”, to the beginnings of the Second Great Awakening in America. Throughout the 1800s the Lord continued to move on college campuses. It is said that in the course of a year’s time, half of Yale’s and a third of Princeton’s student population were saved. In the universities, these believers began to come together in societies, which began to take on more and more of a missionary focus as the years went on.

By 1886, some of these students from such societies began to possess such zeal for the task of world evangelization, they formed what is called the ‘Student Volunteer Movement’. Over the next fifty years, the Student Volunteer Movement sent 20,000 college students into the foreign mission field and mobilized nearly 100,000 college students in these fifty years to pray for Lord’s purposes to be fulfilled in the nations of the earth

Campuses have been a seed bed for the work of God in America since the birth of our nation. In more recent years Asbury University experienced a student revival in February of 1970. Student’s confessions and testimonies led to 144 hours of unbroken praise and prayer. From this powerful movement of God, 2000 witness teams went throughout the town of Wilmore and to at least 130 college campuses around the nation proclaiming the gospel.