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The ATD Nationwide Leadership Network is a decentralized, relational family of leaders with a shared value of hosting the presence of God through day and night worship, prayer and missions. The network includes leaders who are stewarding expressions of worship & prayer across America who want to connect with other like-minded leaders. We each serve within our own ministries, cities and campuses while also coming together collectively for relational connection and strategic initiatives such as Tent America.

Our vision is to see a family of presence-centered communities in every state and region, walking in John 17 unity and collectively worshiping & praying day & night for a Great Awakening in America and the nations. We want to disciple America in hosting the presence of God together.

What we offer those in the leadership network

  • Relational environments with like-hearted leaders in your state and region such as Zoom calls and in-person summits.
  • Nationwide Zoom calls with “behind the scenes” ATD updates, special guests (examples: Michael Miller, Billy Humphrey, Jonathan Tremaine Thomas, David Bradshaw) plus a time of prayer & interaction with leaders from across America.
  • A private Facebook group that includes interaction with other leaders in the network in an ongoing way
  • Early access to some Jesus Movement podcast episodes before they go public
  • Email newsletter with curated leadership resources such as videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. and early access to ATD updates
  • Discounts on ATD-sponsored events and trainings
  • An annual nationwide Leadership Summit in Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Strategic prayer calls on Zoom for ongoing intercession with other leaders
  • And more!!!

By joining the Leadership Network you are expressing that you...

  • Provide leadership to some kind of presence-centered expression of prayer and worship ministry such as a house of prayer, praying church, missions base, burn furnace, campus prayer group, strategic prayer network, etc.
  • Have a desire to build relationships with other like-hearted leaders in your state, region and nation
  • Plan to participate in Zoom calls and leadership summits as much as possible
  • Will consider mobilizing your community to engage in strategic Awaken the Dawn initiatives such as hosting a tent for Tent America



Region 1 Rep

Josh Pilon

Region 2 Rep

Lauren Lienhard

Region 3 Rep

Tami Brown

Region 4 Rep

Cassidy Campbell

Region 5 Rep

Michele Urlick

Region 6 Rep

Luke Long

Region 7 Rep

Scott and Kaisa Coats

Region 8 Rep

Nathan Irving

Region 9 Rep


Region 10 Rep

Matthew Lilley

Network Director

Chris & Lori Bruse

State Capital Reps


Region 1

Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

Region 2

Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii

Region 3

California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado

Region 4

Wyoming, Montana, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa

Region 5

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri

Region 6

Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia

Region 7

Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama

Region 8

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico

Region 9

Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia

Region 10

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey