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A 6-9 month discipleship school and ministry experience in the fall of 2024.

You are invited to come to sunny Tampa Bay and join our team! This is an immersive season of discipleship in the word and prayer, traveling with the Tent, serving Gen Z in the region and nations, and growing in your identity and calling! Take a season and set your eyes on Jesus and prepare for your calling! This is an opportunity to actively participate in the move of God in this generation. God’s presence changes everything and this is an immersion into Jesus’ presence! 

ATD Experience includes:

ATD School - A weekly training environment in the biblical foundations and life in the Spirit

National Tours including the Tent


Worship Nights


Regular prayer room

Mentoring and discipleship in leadership and key life and ministry skills

Community and life together


ATD experience requires a minimum of 25 hours per week. We have full-time and part-time options. If you are part-time, you can work during the program.

We are seeking to make this as affordable as possible. Tuition is $1700 for the entire 9 months. We do have some scholarships available.

Instructors for our classes and events have included: 

Heidi Baker, Allen Hood, Todd White, David Bradshaw, Gio Munoz, Will Hart, Ronnette Cooper, Tyler Burns, Marcus Windle, Jeremy Duggins, and many more