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a festival around Jesus’ presence | A JESUS WOODSTOCK FOR A NEW GENERATION

6+ tents on Harry Truman’s property for 5 days of 24/7 worship,  PRAYER + gospel proclamation. Bring your song. Bring your voice.  All eyes on Jesus

In partnership with the


Registration is for a donation or free. All are welcome, but you must register to join us on the field!


Give one time or set up regular giving


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Hundreds of worshippers, musicians & creatives for 24/7 worship and prayer across america








MAY 9-14. 2022 / ATD KC & THE SEND

  • 4 Tents 24/7 – Tuesday at 10 pm through Friday at 11 pm (Global tent, East Coast tent, Central tent, West tent)
  • 7 pm evening blowout worship and messaging every night in big top tent with the Send + ATD
  • The Procession begins Saturday at 7:30 am


Worship & Prayer @ 7:00AM Saturday | Procession begins @ 7:30 AM

After 5 days of non-stop worship and outreach on Truman Farm, we will have a prayer procession to the stadium for the Send Kansas City! We are moving in faith together. We are believing for breakthrough!


  • We will be proceeding to the Arrowhead stadium in our vehicles!
  • As you arrive at the designated parking lots our parking coordinators will line up all vehicles accordingly.
  • Parking lots open at 7 am, please have your vehicles in line for the procession beginning at 7:30 AM.
  • We will have a police escort and we are asking for all vehicles to have your blinkers on and be ready to pray!
  • The Live broadcast is to begin at 7:50 am. with Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, and David bradshaw. You can tune in by going to Awaken the dawn social media pages (youtube, facebook, instagram).
  • We encourage you to join the stream on ATD socials to join in on the prayer points as we head to the stadium!
  • We will drive straight into the stadium parking lot. Once the procession arrives at the stadium please follow the stadium procedures for parking.

Procession starting locations

Lot 1


12444 Grandview Rd, Grandview, MO

Once this lot is full we will then direct traffic to Lot 2.

Lot 2

12901 US Hwy 71, Grandview, MO


Onsite Parking

 Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis on the Truman Property 24/7

Offsite Parking

3 off site lots within 1 mile available for parking and shuttling available (drop and pick up your party if possible).

America is ready.

Uncommon times demand an uncommon move of God.

There are times when months and years of prayer, conversations, collaboration, and divine storylines come together. This is one of those times. 

For years, it has become apparent to me that we are not called primarily to events but to see cities and campuses changed and a generation awakened by the actual presence of God in public places. We are called to model the culture of family and John 17 unity across regions and generations. What started on the National Mall in 2017 is only just beginning, and it is much bigger than any one organization or movement. 

That is why what is about to happen in Kansas City on May 10-14 is making my heart burn with faith for our nation. I want to invite you, not to join an event, but to participate in a destiny.


In 2018, I was sitting with Brian and Christy Brennt in their garage. They lead the Circuit Riders movement in partnership with Youth with a Mission (Brian just recently went home to be with the Lord). When we were together, Christy had just been healed from 36 years of chronic Lyme disease that had her mostly bedridden. As she shared her healing story, she described two things God had shown her are coming. First, God showed her tent gatherings in fields and cities. Then, she saw stadiums filled as 70 million people are saved in America in this generation, and 200,000 missionaries are launched to the nations. Imagine that with me. Perhaps God is inviting us all to lift our thinking up above the barrage of cable news and social media to dream with him!

We had already been doing hundreds of tent gatherings of 24/7 worship and gospel proclamation across America. I said to Brian and Christy, “What if these tents in fields and cities are like a silver bullet to the move of God in this generation?” I wrote that sentence down. A few hours later, I was speaking at an event in California. As I prepared to speak, someone who I had never met walked up to me and handed me an actual silver bullet. “I’m not sure why, but the Holy Spirit told me to give this to you tonight!” Wow. I was staring at the sentence I had written from my conversation with the Brennts: “The tents are a silver bullet for the move of God.” God has a blueprint for public expressions of His presence that impact regions like the book of Acts! It’s time to become truly missional. Church is leaving the building.

During that same meeting with the Brennts, Brian shared with me that The Send was going to Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City. What if we bring the tents to Kansas City? What if, before we get to the stadium, we are already riding the wave of thousands of musicians, prayer, and evangelism across the region? What if God is setting up an appointment for a generation to step into a new Jesus movement? What if there is a convergence of streams and movements such that we all go somewhere together – somewhere we could never go alone? 

Lou Engle called me a couple of days later. “What if you brought the tents to the cities where the stadiums are going?” I was shocked. He didn’t know the conversation I just had with Brian and Christy! 

This is why I am excited about Awaken the Dawn Kansas City and the partnership with The Send, IHOPKC, and others. It is a convergence. We are better together. We must move together to see breakthrough for this generation. 


Through a series of miracles, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) was able to purchase Harry Truman’s former property. This property has an incredible story and destiny. It is 160 acres of land in Kansas City. I’m excited to announce that, in partnership with IHOPKC and The Send, we will be converging on the field in Kansas City on May 10-14. We will have a global tent, 3 large regional tents representing the entire United States, our 3000 person big-top tent, and more! We are inviting thousands of singers, musicians, creatives, intercessors, and evangelists to flood that property and to flood Kansas City with 24/7 worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation. 

We are not gathering around celebrity personalities. The presence of God is the main attraction. These Awaken the Dawn tents will rumble 24/7 with worship and prayer from worshipers representing every state of our nation, and thousands will hit the streets for outreach in collaboration with The Send. Every night after a whole day of 24/7 prayer and outreaches, we will come together under the massive tent for large gatherings of worship and prayer that will mark this generation. We will then march to the stadium on May 14 for The Send in a massive procession of faith. 

This is a festival around the presence of God. It is a Jesus Woodstock for a new generation. I believe there will be signs and wonders in the field and the stadium.


This is not about hyping up an event. We are believing for an activation of this generation. 

This is about discipleship. From Kansas City, Awaken the Dawn’s massive tent is going to cities across the nation to replicate the same thing: the presence of God in public places, regions coming together around Jesus, and a generation being awakened. It is a mobile house of prayer – a tent of glory.

Tent America is also going to launch from Kansas City. We are believing for 500 cities and campuses hosting public gatherings of day and night worship and gospel proclamation with collaboration and unity across regions. Because this is about a sustainable movement, we are growing our Awaken the Dawn leadership network in all 50 states as well as equipping students in the Revive School to disciple the next generation in the reality of Jesus.  

I want to invite you into what God is doing. Your voice matters in the move of God. I want to invite you to fulfill a destiny, not just meet temporary needs. 

Here's how you can join the story

  • Bring Your Song and Your Sound to Kansas City: We need singers, musicians, and teams to staff our 24/7 tent city. You can apply for a set here.
  • Register (for free!) to join us on the field for Awaken the Dawn KC. Register here.
  • Fund the Tents: You are invited to sow financially so that we can gather in the tent city in Kansas city. Our budget is 150K for the week! Give here.
  • Become a Monthly Partner: We are inviting anyone that feels led to give monthly to see hundreds of tent gatherings and movements across cities and campuses in 2022 and beyond. Give here.


There is no camping allowed on site

No there will be no food vendors on site

No, you cannot sleep in your cars overnight.

No campers will be allowed on the property

Seating will be provided, but you can feel free to bring your own chair.

You can find info for our shuttles on the event info page.

Grass parking is limited but available. First come first serve, weather permitting

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